Hello, blog!

Here I am, finally! I said I'd start a blog to keep up with recent updates because Facebook just isn't my jam. This is the start of a beautiful bloggy relationship, I just know it.

I have some photoshoots coming up that I'm bursting to shout about from the top of a mountain, but I'm gonna keep mum on them for now. I did, however, get an email today with some exciting news! My photos of a wedding I photographed last May will be featured in an upcoming issue of San Diego Style Weddings. I'm eager to show everyone the page spread they showed me, but I'm going to wait until I have a physical copy in my hands. In the meantime, check out this badge they gave me:

I don't photograph weddings often, but the last wedding I did shoot was gorgeously styled and bonus, the bride and groom are ridiculously photogenic. It ended itself to beautiful photos and I was really happy with the end result. Check back in soon for the spread and maybe I'll even share a couple of my own favorites from that day. 

I'm not good at goodbyes, so check back soon and see what I'm up to!